▶️ When will the pandemic of Covid-19 end in the United States of America?

It creates a lot of uncertainty to think about when a pandemic will end in a place, country or region. In the case of the United States of America it is a special geographical place since it has an extensive territory and the cities, where the greatest cases of coronavirus are concentrated, are separated by thousands of kilometers, for which independent curves are managed by each state or country.

In this article, with the data obtained from 3 months of pandemic, we can see a downward trend and with statistical analysis we can predict a date back to “normal”.

As we see in the image, the yellow line is the trend and the projection that predicts that the pandemic will end until the end of August 2020 or the beginning of September 2020. The blue lines are the confirmed cases per day since the first case occurred. in United States.

It is impossible to be sure of the day when the pandemic will end, but we can study trends and that helps us to predict results, in this case that of the United States of America.

Author: analyticaus

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