Mexico COVID-19 When will the first wave end?

Mexico has been in a health contingency since March 2020, it has implemented a system of traffic light colors ranging from Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.

In the month of September there are no red states, most are orange or yellow. But, when will we be green?

We made a statistical model in which with a coefficient of 95% R squared tells us when we will go green:

The image shows the daily reported cases in blue and the trend and future projection in yellow. We have until December 2020 we can claim victory and we will have the country on a green traffic light. However, in many countries, with the exception of China and a few others, have had a second outbreak equal to or greater than the first, so it is required that we adapt to the new normal and not lower our hands against Covid-19 even if we are on green traffic light.

Author: analyticaus

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