₿₿$$ Bitcoin vs. Nasdaq the path to 100k dollars

Predicting the price of bitcoin has become a favorite pastime for cryptocurrency amateurs and professionals, so we present a graphical analysis of the past 5 years and see some correlation. Although they are two different things, being technological markets we find patterns in the data and they are 3 main:

  1. The two main peaks of the last 5 years (2017 and 209) of bitcoin are related to an upward trend in the price of NASDAQ.
  2. The two main falls in the markets (2018 and 2020) NASDAQ and bitcoin are synchronized in time and percentage.
  3. When there is a drop in one year, the next there is a rise, and in the case of bitcoin, it is a peak.


Next year 2021 a recovery in the prices of the markets is expected and therefore a peak in the price of Bitcoin, this coupled with this year’s Halving we can think that a maximum price of 100k can be reached but it is exactly an unknown.

Author: analyticaus

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